New Jersey Family Law Attorneys Discuss Parenting Partnerships

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By Thomas Roberto, Esq.

New Jersey Family Law Attorney, Thomas Roberto, EsquireThey say it takes a village to raise a child. Apparently, it only takes two people who are up to the challenge. There is a new type of parenting arrangement becoming increasingly popular throughout the country. “Parenting partnerships” have become a new option for individuals who desire to share in the responsibility of child rearing without making a serious commitment to an adult relationship. Although some question the appropriateness of bringing a child into an essentially love-less relationship, others see numerous advantages to parenting partnerships. Namely, parenting partnerships provide couples with an opportunity to plan and prepare for a child far in advance. It also spares the child(ren) from having to endure a divorce. Further, it provides individuals who simply cannot find that special someone with an opportunity to settle down and raise a family.

In an attempt to help with, or in some cases cash in on, the emergence of parenting partnerships, various organizations have set up web sites and Facebook pages designed to not only provide assistance to parenting partners, but also help them meet. The process of finding the right partner can be similar to dating. Meeting someone, either online or elsewhere, getting to know that person and ultimately making the decision to raise a child together. However, most parenting partnerships are consummated through in vitro fertilization.

There is currently no law in New Jersey directly addressing the rights of couples in parenting partnerships. The most likely, and commonsensical, approach would be to treat disputes over the custody of children born of a parenting partnership like any other non-dissolution case. The best interests of the child should, and likely will, guide New Jersey courts in presiding over such matters. However, in light of the fact that these types of arrangements are still in their infancy, couples would be wise to safeguard parenting partnerships by executing a written agreement establishing, at the very least, basic issues such as living arrangements, financial contributions, and the filing of tax returns.

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