Camden County Divorce Attorney Q and A: Attempts at Reconciliation After Divorce Filing

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By Robin Hauth, Esq.

New Jersey Family Law Attorney

Q: I filed a Complaint for Divorce, but now my husband and I are trying to reconcile.  What do I do about my Divorce Complaint? And what happens if reconciliation does not work?

A: It is not unusual for a person to reconsider his or her position on divorce after filing the Complaint, and for clients to decide to give it one more try to make their marriage work.  To use a high-profile example, in December, 2011, Kobe Bryant’s wife filed a Complaint for Divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences in California.  Just recently, the couple announced that they have reconciled and have withdrawn their respective pleadings.

If you and your spouse choose to attempt reconciliation after you filed your Divorce Complaint, the Complaint can be withdrawn and without prejudice.  “Without prejudice” means that you are not precluded or penalized from later filing another Complaint for Divorce from your spouse, should reconciliation not work out as you planned.  If you do decide to pursue divorce again, you can easily do so by submitting a new Complaint, along with the Certification of Insurance Coverage and Confidential Litigant Form and the requisite filing fee.  Your attorney will keep all of your previous information on file should you decide to once again pursue your divorce.

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An amicable relationship with an estranged spouse is always a good thing. When the amicable relationship leads to an attempt at reconciliation, legal filings and “division of assets” negotiations should not hinder your efforts. If attempts at reconciliation are futile, however, it is important to have an experienced, knowledgeable New Jersey divorce attorney at your side as you proceed.  The well-respected Haddonfield divorce attorneys at Adinolfi & Packman, P.A., will provide you with skilled legal representation and support you through the emotional upheaval that often accompanies divorce. We represent clients throughout New Jersey, including Camden County, Burlington County, Salem County, Gloucester County, Cumberland County and Atlantic County. Call us today at 856-428-8334 or contact us online.


Robin Hauth, Esq., Haddonfield, NJ, Family Law Attorney at Adinolfi & Packman is certified in Mediation and Conciliation Skills.  She focuses her practice on all aspects of divorce and family law including  child custody, child support, alimony, civil unions and pre nuptial agreements.